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Absolute encoders

Absolute rotary encoders define  instantaneous position by delivering special number codes constituting actual position of the sensor. The difference to incremental ones is that absolute encoders do not give continuous data streams and usually output data about each position. There are twenty models of Dynapar absolute encoders available. You can use them with  SSI, BiSS, SSI+Sin/Cos protocols for data feedback.  You can choose one of three installation options: hollow-shaft, shafted and hub shaft. Hub and hollow shaft ones shall be attached to the shafts of the motors and shafted sensors are installed with elastic coupling. High resolution modules can perform within a wide temperature range, some models capable of operating in +120 C environment. Ax65 and AX70/71 absolute encoder types are designed to hold up well hazardous conditions, they are equipped with stainless steel or aluminum housing and corrosion resistant therefore. AX70/71 is ATEX and IECEx explosion proof qualified and corresponds to the IP67 protection class.  Mostly absolute encoders are equipped with optical  sensors. Only Ar62/63 series utilizes magnetic sensing type as it developed for harsh conditions with a high level of contamination.


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