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Public Offer

The text of this Agreement published at the following address: shall be an offer of Website Administration, to conclude an agreement with any third party that uses the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) owned by the Administrator on the terms and conditions specified in the text of this Agreement, and a following public law of Federal Republic of Germany.

Any use of the Website by any third party, including browsing of the Website, posting of any information on the Website, advertising of the Website or transfer of a link to the Website to any third party and other actions shall represent due acceptance of this offer.

In the event of disagreement with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the respective person shall immediately stop using the Website.

Upon the performance of all the above mentioned actions, this Agreement shall be deemed concluded on the following terms and conditions.

User Agreement

  1. Terms and definitions

    1. User shall mean any person using the Website in any way.
    2. Content shall mean any information posted on the Website.
    3. All other terms not expressly specified in this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  2. Subject matter

    1. The subject matter of this Agreement shall be the use of the Website:
      • Browsing of the Content posted on the Website.
      • Posting of the Content on the Website.
      • Getting a reference information.

  3. Procedure for the use of the Website

    1. Before starting using the Website, a User shall read this Agreement.

    2. A User shall be prohibited from:
      • Violating rights and freedoms of Users and third parties.
      • Publishing on the Website information violating rights and freedoms of Users and third parties, violating the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
      • Publishing on the Website information violating intellectual property rights of Users and third parties as well as information that is advertising, SPAM, contains pyramid schemes, political advertising/agitation, earning schemes, swear words, viruses, malicious software, etc.
      • Using the Website in any way which is not stipulated by this Agreement.
      • Posting personal data of other Users without their consent.
      • Affecting the Website operation using different technical means.
      • Using different technical means intended for collection, copying and modification of materials posted on the Website, Website tracking.
      • Using the Website in violation of the laws of the country from which the User accesses the Website.
      • Misleading Users as to his/her person.
      • Collecting and processing personal data of third party.
      •  Website, not infringe on copyright of third parties.

    3. A User shall use the Content of the Website for personal use only.

    4. The Administrator may limit a User’s access to materials of the Website or block any User without giving reasons.

  4. Reference information receiving procedure

    1. User can get access to reference information using standard tools to view Website content.

    2. User may send request via Order form to receive additional information based on Website content.

  5. Rights and obligations of the Administrator

    1. The Administrator shall have the right to block a User at any time without giving reasons.

    2. The text of this Agreement may be amended by the Administrator without prior notice. The up-to-date version of the Agreement shall be published on the the Website.

    3. The Website shall have the right to send informational and other advertising messages to Users by all available means.

    4. The Administrator shall have the right to take down any Content posted by a User on the Website without giving reasons.

  6. Rights and obligations of a User

    1. A User shall not use pictures, texts or other materials protected by copyright.

    2. It is prohibited for a User to publish the Content containing materials that are prohibited to be published in the Federal Republic of Germany.

    3. A User shall be fully liable for publishing materials on the Website.

  7. Liability

    1. The Administrator shall not be liable for any risks and consequences for a User as a result of the use of the Website, including lost profit.

    2. The Administrator shall not be liable for the information posted on the Website by Users and/or other persons, as well as for all the actions performed on the basis of such information.

    3. The Website is provided “as is”, the Administrator does not guarantee the absence of errors or the operating capacity of the Website, however, it shall resolve a technical issue, should it arise, promptly.

    4. Provision of paid services is governed by separate agreements.

    5. Under no circumstances and circumstances responsibility for the consequences that directly or indirectly entailed the use of information or links posted on the Website cannot be attributed to the owners and creators of the site and be the basis for their prosecution.

  8. Personal data

    1. Personal data of Users are processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy published at the Website.

  9. Intellectual property

    1. All rights to graphic, textual, musical and other materials presented on the Website belong to their respective owners. Website address, located on graphic materials, says only that these materials are placed on our server and in no way pretend to designate our copyright on these materials.

    2. Website address on the Internet, as well as email addresses and other addresses that are related to the domain name of the Website reflect the information content of the site and are not an attempt to claim or use a trademark or other objects of intellectual and copyright of their respective  owners.

    3. The usage of specific abbreviations, legal forms of organizations and abbreviations on the Website is due to the high confidence of the Website’s visitors in the qualities associated with the above abbreviations.

    4. A content of the Website has been published for non-commercial use.

    5. This Agreement prohibits using a company name, trademarks, Content and other intellectual property items without a written consent of the right holder.

    6. The User posting the Content on the Website shall provide the Administrator with the exclusive right to use it free of charge by any means provided for by law, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement or contracts.

    7. All matters related to copyright and intellectual property rights and not addressed herein shall be regulated in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    8. If a User believes that the Content posted on the Website infringes on his/her intellectual property and other rights, the User may submit a complaint to the Administrator to the following email:, specifying the materials that infringe on the User’s rights and the proof of the User’s rights to the materials.

    9. On the basis of the information received from the User, pursuant to Clause 9.5, the Administrator shall resolve within 30 (thirty) days whether the complaint should be satisfied or whether it is unsubstantiated.

  10. Additional provisions

    1. All matters not addressed in this Agreement shall be regulated by additional contracts and agreements as well as the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    2. A User may send all inquiries/requests/complaints to the Administration contact e-mail.

    3. The Website uses cookie files, i.e. small pieces of data sent from a web server and stored on the user's computer, which the web client or web browser sends in an HTTP request to the web server every time the user tries to open a respective web page. Disabling cookies may result in the impossibility to access the parts of the Website that require authorization.

    4. Data that are automatically transferred when viewing ad units and browsing the pages containing a system stats script (“pixel”): - IP address;
      - information from Cookies;
      - information on the browser (or another program providing access to ad view);
      - time of access;
      - address of the page containing the ad unit;
      - referrer (address of the previous page).

    5. All annexes hereto shall be an integral part hereof.

  11. Dispute resolution procedure

    1. In the event of disputes between Users and the Administrator, this Agreement stipulates a mandatory procedure for extrajudicial settlement of disputes, namely, the submission of a written claim with a proposal to settle the dispute voluntarily and detailed description of the issue, to the Administrator’s address by registered mail with delivery notification.

    2. The Administrator shall within 30 days of the receipt of the claim stipulated by Clause 11.1 hereof notify the claimant in writing of the results of the consideration of the claim.

    3. If the parties fail to settle the dispute through negotiations, the dispute will be transferred for resolution to a judicial authority of the city of Berlin in accordance with the current laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  12. Force majeure

    1. The Administrator shall not be liable for lost profit of Users or other consequences resulting from force majeure.

  13. Contacts

    1. Administration contact e-mail:
    2. Administration contact phone: .