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Absolute rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders

Hengstler ACURO range of absolute rotary encoders is represented with 16 basic models that can be specifically configured for various applications.

AC58 is a series of optical encoders with 58mm aluminum housing diameter capable of working in the temperature range from -40 to +100°C. Diffrent types of connection and interfaces are available. AC36 has a smaller 36mm housing and can be applied for compact arrangements, such as medical equipment.  AD58 is a hollow shaft one.

AR62/63 is an energy independent unit with a short 32mm mounting depth magnetic encoder and can cope with extreme accelerations and harsh environmental conditions.

AD36 is a compact optical encoder for brushless motors, compatible with size 15 resolver. The only model in the range with an 8 mm hollow shaft. 

AD58S is a special unit for high performance motion control applications with a wide working temperature range, tapered solid shaft with integrated double-cardanic coupling hub. Can be supplied with plastic or aluminum housing.

AD34 is a miniature high performance encoder for brushless servomotors. AD35 is another compact model with a hollow shaft.

AC59/61 and AX-Series are special models for extreme ambient conditions.


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