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Aluminium housing

Aluminium housing

Megatron offers various types of aluminum profiles for enclosures. For your disposal there are different types, lengths and shapes ensuring that the right parts can be supplied for your exclusive application.

STP aluminum bar profiles provide extensive capabilities to build an individual design enclosure. These bars are supplied in 3000 mm profiles that further can be cut into required pieces. Mounting grooves allow use of covers and end plates.

DIN K aluminum electronics enclosures correspond to IEC 61554: 2002-08 requirements and are supplied for different DIN sizes in 8 lengths. Additionally the supply kit includes mounting brackets, screws and plastic frames. Additional gaskets allow more protection up to IP65 level. These items can be customized to the customer’s needs.

EST alu housing is a series of miniature enclosures consisting of two rounded half-shells with plastic or aluminum end plates. This kind of enclosure is intended for use in the installation of printed circuit boards.

EUKAP-Series represents various types of rectangularly shaped enclosures made of anodized or black anodized aluminum, with different shapes, lengths and sizes. You may request a customized solution that suits your serial production sequence.

MINKAP-K is suitable for 107 mm width circuit boards. Can be inserted into MINKAP G series housing.


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