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Megatron signal processing units are designed for simple installation into DIN EN mounting rails. As well there is a MVR model for external use with a special designed housing. The amplification modules are available with different output signals. 

IMA2 DMS external amplifiers are applied for force or pressure sensors with a strain gauge full bridge. DIN EN mounting rail compatible. There is an internal galvanic isolation of the energy supply. This kind of amplifier is based on strain gauges.

IMA2-R amplifying units are used for potentiometric transducers. Can be used with linear and rotary Megatron potentiometers. These units convert potentiometric impulses into a standard signal. By default this model is powered with 5V supply voltage, but as an option it can be redesigned to a different voltage in the range of 0-10 V. 

IMA2 LVDT is another model of DIN EN mounted amplifier used with inductive transducers. IMA2 and LVDT system calibration can be supplied on the request. 

MVR external amplifier for direct connection of rotary and linear potentiometers. There are trim potentiometers for easy on board adjustments. By default - 30 AC/DC supply, as well a 250 AC/DC supply as an option. 


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty