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Brake control devices

Brake control devices

Pilz PNOZ s50 safety relay is used for safe brakes control. Can be applied with safety and holding brakes. Can work even when the unit is de-energized. Ensures smooth and proper applying of the brakes reducing the wear and increasing energy efficiency. At the same time the safety relay is capable of providing fast response in case of emergency stop. The unit is equipped with a display and LEDs for rapid diagnostics. There is a rotary knob for menu navigation.

PNOZ s50 brake control device can be applied for loading and unloading gantries, palletizing units, milling complexes, robot axes, lifting equipment and winches, for the machines that have valves, pneumatic or hydraulic parts.

Pilz Safe Motion solutions – PMCprotego S safety card and DS unit. The system has a friendly interface, easy to install and capable of working with any field bus application. This application safes your money as with only one simple unit you get maximum safety up to PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1. Usually applied in the automotive industry, with pressing equipment, packaging devices and machine tools.


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