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Bromine substances are usually applied as disinfectants in water treatment arrangements, as an alternative to chlorine. Main advantage of bromine is that it is more effective than other substances, so you need less amounts until the result is satisfying. Also it has a lower corrosive effect to equipment, a neutral odor and less impact to the mucous membranes. Jumo is capable of supplying measuring cells, transmitters, controllers and fittings required for bromine measuring systems.

Jumo techLine Br sensor is a 3-electrode membrane-covered, amperometric sensor. It’s main function is measurement of hypobromous acid (HOBr).in online mode. Usually applied in systems for disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools, cooling and service water. Analog and digital versions are available. Requires very little maintenance and easy to calibrate. There is an integrated temperature compensation system.

Following models of controllers and transmitters can be used with the sensor:

Aquis  touch P and S multichannel measuring units with integrated controller and recorder.

Aquis  500 AS is a simple controller with a display and control buttons. There are two analog and one binary input.

Jumo dTRANS AS 02 is a  multi channel transmitter/controller with a display. This is a modular solution that can be adjusted to the specific needs.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty