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Colour sensors

If you are seeking colour measurement and  identification solutions able to make recognition in RGB colour array it is worth to focus on Di-Soric german made fiber optic colour sensors. These units are able to work in various conditions such as different surface texture and intensity of reflection. Multiple lens options, lightness measurement configurations and sensing channels allows you to make the proper adjustment for your individual application.

The on-board stabilization setup makes it simple to work for a long time without additional rearrangement. Specifically you can work in unsteady brightness conditions through the use of an extraneous light set-off system.  All Di-Soric colour sensors have short reaction time so you are able to adapt it into your high-speed process.

There are function keys on the units for general configuration along with special user friendly software for advanced alignment. You can save the results to the .csv file directly from the device interface. If you need continuous data acquisition there are Profibus, CANopen or Fast Ethernet IP interfaces options. Following model of color sensors are available:


●  Fs 100 for the optimum performance

●  FS 50 – compact, but powerful

●  FSB 50 – basic models containing all essential functions.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty