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Contact dial thermometer

Contact dial thermometer

Jumo Contact dial thermometers are applied for local temperature measurement along with simultaneous control and monitoring. This kind of measurement device is the universal solution for industrial applications.

Microstat-M (608501) temperature controller can be applied for compressors and industrial engines. Principle of its operation is based on application of capillary measuring system. This unit is suitable for panel mounting and packed into a plastic housing. This is energy independent apparatus that doesn’t require any auxiliary energy source, so it offers a broad range of applications.

Jumo 608425 model is a contact dial thermometer in a bayonet case that can be used in a flush panel or surface mounted case. The most popular areas of its application are baking ovens and various process technologies.

Jumo Contact dial thermometers (608520/608523) are equipped with up to two micro switches and are usually employed for monitoring oil temperature in transformers. They can be accommodated in a wide variety of environments through its stainless steel housing, capillary measuring system, and anti-kink springs. Such apparatus can be installed into the oil circuit of transformers and can help to avoid damages to the equipment.

Jumo 608540 compact dial thermometer comes with a UV-stabilized polyamide case.


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