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Control and signal devices

Control and signal devices

Pilz offers items required for operator and visualization systems. These parts are an integral part of safety protection systems that protect the personnel and machines. These items usually applied in zones where there is a potential high risk of dangerous situations and upset conditions. As well these units can be applied for temporary apparatus used within commissioning, maintenance and service. Following items are available: E-Stop push buttons, muting lamps, hand-operated control devices, operating mode selector switches. All items have been developed for the best performance, have short reaction times and are capable of working in harsh environments.

PITstop e-stop pushbuttons series correspond to EN/IEC 60947-5-1, EN/IEC 60947-5-5 and EN ISO 13850 requirements, as well IP67 protection level. There are various versions so you can find a suitable one namely for your application.

PITgatebox push button units are made of the best materials and ready for different industrial conditions. Can be equipped with different combinations of buttons, as well with e-stop button and authentication lock.

PITjog manually operated control devices are used in danger zones while the safety gate is opened. It is a lightweight and ergonomically shaped device with three control buttons and coiled cable.

PITmode operating mode selection and access permission system used for switching between a range of control sequences and operating modes.

PITenable unit is a three-level manually operated control device.

Pilz also supplies PITsign muting lamps with different designs.


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