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Cpl couplings


Dynapar flexible universal shaft couplings with clamps for connection of shafted encoders to motor shafts. Complete with shaft size adaptors. Available in inch and metric sizes. Clamps are made of 2023-T3.5 aluminum with black anodizing. Coupling insert material is G10 glass filled phenolic. Socket cap screws for clamps. Setscrews are not required. Provide protection of the encoder against vibration and shocks as well thermal and electrical protection. Through the use of CPL couplings encoders are protected from angular, skewed, parallel misalignments and axial motion. Coupling is used as additional protection from thermal influence. CPL couplings also protect the sensing unit from electrical exposure. There are different sizes of couplings available for different applications. For instance, if you deal with high acceleration on the shaft, you can get a unit with a bigger size. All items are tested according to MILHDBK-5A. You can choose a proper model following the models datasheet by reference to acceleration and deceleration loads in the specific setup. Please, apply to your personal manager in order to get a proper model following encoder application conditions, encoder and drive shaft parameters.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty