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Cylinder sensors

Di-Soric cylinder sensors are intended to be used with pneumatic cylinders with embedded magnets. The core principle is that scanning is carried on through the cylinder wall. The sensor implements this feature by taking advantage of the physical principle of induction. It means the unit has no interacting components and is isolated from the internal environment, so there is almost no wear and tear. It is safe and reliable.

Di-Soric GmBH and Co. air cylinder sensors are applicable for different setups. There are different designs in order to conform to varying types of devices. For instance:

-       MZEC/MZRC for cylinders with round slot

-       MZEK for T-slots to be inserted from above

-       MZET/MZRT also for T-slotted cylinders

-       Sensors for pull-rod and profiled cylinders

-       MZERT with lateral lead outlet

-       MZERT for T-slots

While not limited thereto these apps ensure high reproducibility of results, high level of operating safety,  packed in dense steel or special rugged plastic housing ready to resist external forces. Upon enquiry you can get customized versions of sensors adequate to meet the needs of your specific application.


Key features
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