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Direct drive linear and rotary motors

Direct drive linear and rotary motors

Kollmorgen Direct drive linear technology offers high performance, low maintenance and higher throughput. You get smooth and quiet operation along with a high accuracy.

Cartridge direct drive rotary (DDR) frameless servo motors do not have their own bearings and are connected directly to the load using the machine’s bearing for rotor support. 5 sizes are available. Easy to install. Zero backlash and compliance.

Housed D and DH direct drive rotary motors have an outstanding torque density due to a high quantity of magnetic poles. There is no need for any additional gearing so you get more performance with less space spending.

KBM series motors are installed directly into a machine. This motor has no bearing and uses machine own bearings for rotor support. Direct connection allows to avoid use of any additional couplings and drives, so it reduces required maintenance as well overall unit size. Wide range of sizes is available. 

TBM (torque brushless) motors are directly embedded into a machine. This series is designed for high power applications. These motors are compact and lightweight. Motors are available in multiple sizes from 60 mm up to 129 mm.


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