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Dold Enclosures

Enclosure cabinet enclosures series includes a wide range of different switch cabinet enclosures, distribution enclosures and a mounting rail bus system (in-rail bus). Whether multifunctional, compact, modular or customized enclosure solution, Dold offers you an extensive product portfolio of thermoplastic DIN rail enclosures.

The modular enclosure concept allows the use of different connection systems such as plug-in terminal blocks with screw or spring terminals (push in).

  • Flexible construction widths from 6.2 to 200 mm enable a finely graduated size adjustment to any application.
  • The integrated DIN rail bus (in-rail bus) ensures fast and reliable data and energy transmission. Instead of complex wiring, the module connection is made by simply snapping it onto the top-hat rail.
Dold enclosures
Wide range of Dold enclosures
Function Switch cabinet enclosure
Width 17,5 mm
Height 128 mm
Depth 92 mm
Enclosure type KV 4603

DOLD offers a wide range of different enclosure series for installation in control cabinets, installation and industrial distributors as well as a DIN rail bus system. This means that the most diverse requirements of a wide range of applications can always be met with the right enclosure solution. Do you want a DIN-rail enclosure that is designed exclusively to meet your special requirements? We develop and manufacture customer-specific, tailor-made electronic enclosures. Of course, we can also supply the right connection technology for every enclosure.