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Dold dafety switches

SAFEMASTER STS series safety switches reliably secure access and protective doors and hatches and are suitable for safety applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 without fault exclusion. They are suited for applications requiring a high level of security. The very narrow design also allows them to be installed on movable safety guards.

Guard locks in the SAFEMASTER STS family combine our trusted mechanical principle with the advantages of electromechanical safety switches with a 2-channel locking function. Thanks to their lock monitoring features, they can be used to reliably protect both processes and personnel. Different coding levels, very high locking forces, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities allow them to be used in almost all safety-relevant applications.

The basic principle of the key transfer system ensures that a machine or system is in a safe state before access can be made. A further safety aspect is that a key is inserted either in a safety switch or can be used for opening a door lock. This property can be used to force a certain operating sequence, which can not be deviated from. As a result, a high safety level is achieved and a large number of different danger areas can be ensured.