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Drive technology

Drive technology

Pilz drive technology solutions for industrial automation systems include motion control systems, servo motors, servo amplifiers and all corresponding software. All items can be easily integrated into any existing or new equipment package. Pilz drive components offer maximum safety and correspond to PL e safety level in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

PMCprimo motion control systems are applied for a wide range of purposes. Some popular functions are already installed into a system. Can be used for automotive, pulp and paper, food and pharma industries, for pressing, packaging equipment, steel and aluminum works and others.

PMCtendo servo motors can be used not only for dynamic but also for precision movements. There is a  wide range of motors available in various sizes and for different applications. There are special versions with additional cooling with fans or water. PMCtendo servomotors offer compact dimensions, smooth operation along with high dynamics, protection level up to IP66.

PMCprotego servo amplifiers are used as drive controllers with all types of motors: servo, asynchronous and linear motors, rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors. Pilz servo amplifiers are used for positioning, speed and torque control, processing of position sets and electric gear function.

PMC engineering tools software allows for quick and easy commissioning and monitoring of your units.


Key features
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— manufacturer warranty