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Electric cylinders

Electric cylinders

Electric cylinders have many advantages over pneumatic and hydraulic ones. The first benefit is that such actuators have direct power transmission and electronic control that allows achieving maximum thrust efficiency. This design allows having different mounting combinations. For instance it is possible to isolate the motor and main cylinder body from the work area. Another advantage of electric cylinders is that they don’t require any special maintenance. So this is a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for rigid or pivoting linear motion applications.

Kollmorgen N2-Series cylinders are compact, reliable and easy to apply units. They can be equipped with Kollmorgen T22T/V or T31T/V stepper motors, or AKM23C/D brushless servo motors. Maximum stroke available is 571 mm. Maximum thrust is 2670 N. Housing is made of aluminum with anodizing. Optionally you can have limit sensors, water resistant options, different rod ends, linear potentiometer output.

EC1-Series is a special compact solution where the unit's frame is 30-40% shorter compared to standard solutions. Still easy to install and start. Provides plug-and-play feature with Kollmorgen drives.

Other EC-Series electric cylinders:

EC-2: 750 mm max.stroke, 3600 N max thrust

EC-3: 1000 mm max.stroke, 7200 N max thrust

EC-4: 1500 mm max.stroke, 12000 N max thrust

EC-5 is a heavy duty model: 1500 mm max.stroke, 25000 N max thrust


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