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Equipment/Calibration service

Equipment/Calibration service

Jumo platinum precision RTD temperature sensors are applied for temperature checks in different industrial sequences, as well in construction and quality control actions.

Jumo also provides calibration services with its own calibration laboratory that is accredited by DAkks (DKD – German calibration service). Here you can calibrate RTD temperature probes and thermocouples (also with transmitters), data loggers, block calibrators, and electronic thermometers with direct display function. It is also possible to work with measuring equipment of other brands. As additional service it is possible to make calibration on-site.

Testing installation with Pt100 RTD temperature probe or with a thermocouple for higher temperatures is applied for monitoring all industrial temperature measuring equipment. This apparatus corresponds DAkks requirements, allowing it to use such equipment across Europe and in many other countries.

Jumo thermoCOR portable measuring system is applied for SAT and TUS tests within industrial furnaces construction. It can be applied with up to 12 thermocouples, and has 4 analog inputs. Collected data can be transferred via USB interface. The unit can be connected to a local Ethernet network or directly to any PC. There is a touch screen for easy operation.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty