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Fans and blowers


OnSite condition monitoring system is a user friendly complex consisting of an onsite data processing unit with four sensors and an online analytical software suite connected to a cloud-based database. One of the common applications for this system is industrial fan condition monitoring. 

Fans and blowers are usually considered as secondary equipment but their performance directly affects all processes of any production facility. Usually ventilation equipment is located in inaccessible areas of the workshop and in case  of failure or even for inspection reasons it is usually difficult to reach any corresponding unit, so such maintenance takes a lot of time and requires remarkable human resources. Without proper and timely support it may cause a breakdown of the whole facility. That is why it is critical to prevent any failure of this kind of equipment and to optimise its maintenance process. The great solution here is to apply a remote monitoring system here that allows to perform remote vibration and temperature control of fan and blower motors. Using these methods you are able to notice critical increases in vibration of motors that can mean some problems with bearings. Temperature imbalance may be referring to problems with the cooling system. Available analytical tools can help to determine the possible problem more exactly. 


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