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Fiber optic sensors


Di-Soric offers a wide range of optic cables and amplifiers. You may choose diffuse reflective or through-beam fiber type. All items have anti-twist protection. Sensing elements are made of steel and vary depending on the application. You can cut your fiberglass cable whatever size you need by applying a special tool included into the supply package. Optics are suitable for range of operation up to 4 m as well for detection of objects as small as 0.02 mm. Sensory elements for area detection fiber-glass filaments, smooth or threaded sleeves, likewise rigid or flexible.

There is a range of fiber optic amplifiers for application areas where you are limited in space or working conditions do not allow operation of other types of sensors. Can be used as a diffuse-reflective or through beam sensor. Choose from plastic or glass optical fiber. You can make aligning directly on the unit with help of LED indicators or potentiometers.

Di-Sorik OLK 71 is the most advanced model of the amplifier equipped with two led displays indicating threshold value and actual data. Fine adjustments and teach-in mode available. You are able to use an M8 plug or connecting cable. DIN rail layout.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty