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Finger joysticks

Megatron HMI products constitute professional solutions for various industrial and civil applications. Megatron joysticks are the perfect choice for professionals seeking reliability and performance. Fingertip joysticks are developed for application in fields where you need to get very precision control of the process. Following options are available: different types of handles, sensors, additional buttons, integration solutions.

3D Space Mouse Module optoelectronic joystick is a 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) control device for industrial application, applied for robotics, drones, measurement systems and cameras. TRY-series is a classic finger all-rounder joystick with Hall effect sensors. This product line provides a wide range of configuration options – different types of handles and available connection interfaces. Series 844 finger joystick is a compact and robust model for heavy-duty applications. Series 812 customizable joystick is usually chosen for applications with limited space and harsh environment, it is fully customizable – you can choose different handles and push buttons, different types of sensors that are located on the outside of the housing so it is possible to replace them easily. Switch stick Series 851 is a compact 1 or 2 axes joystick. 847 Series 1 axis finger joystick corresponds to IP67 protection class for extreme conditions. 841 model is a high durability micro switch stick for various applications. 821 and 828 models are premium high precision micro switch sticks for exact control. 826 series is a fully customizable premium class switch stick made of high quality components. Additionally there is a 829 model - a one axis finger premium class joystick. 830 finger joystick provides flexible modular design, fully customizable for needs of any customer.


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