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In order to ensure smooth operation and long life of all components under various working conditions, Jumo also provides high quality auxiliary items for its sensing products. The selection includes the wide range of connectors and fittings, namely: flow-through fittings, immersion fittings, manual retractable holders, stainless steel process fittings.

Jumo throughflow 202810 fittings are developed for use with electrochemical measured value transducers, namely for 1 and 3 probes with Pg13.5 connection. These parts provide valuable protection from chemicals. Can be used for pH, ORP and LF probes. Usually used with drinking water preparation arrangements and swimming pools.

202820 Immersion fittings are resistant to chemical impact and can be integrated with Pg 13.5 screw-in thread. This type of fittings are usually used in open conduits/channels and containers. The insertion length is 120 mm.

202822 manual retractable holders can be installed and removed actually within the process. For instance it is applied for containers where you can remove the sensor without a need to drain the holding capacity. There are two designs with plastic and stainless steel housing. Installation length: 120 and 225 mm. Applications: closed-up circuit systems, wastewater treatment arrangements, drinking water preparation systems, process technology and other measurement tasks in various flow systems.

202825 process fitting are made of high quality stainless steel and intended for use in facilities with high hygienic requirements, for instance, food and beverage plants, drinking water treatment units. 


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