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Fixing technologies

Fixing technologies

Megatron has a wide assortment of auxiliary parts necessary for mounting parts on circuit boards and beyond. All such items are manufactured under the ELPAC brand. The range includes stand offs, spacers and spacer sleeves, rivets, PCB guides, fixtures and component holders, various mounting materials.

PCB standoffs usually applied for mounting of printed circuit boards to any devices or inside enclosures. Can be made of plastic, steel or nickel plated brass, depending on application. There are different sizes, shapes and threads.

ELPAC circuit board spacers feature different designs. They can have such additional functions as: a hexagon shape with metric internal and / or external thread, self-adhesive with adhesive film or self-locking with snap-on fastening.

Distance tubes are usually used as insulated spacers and made of plastic. There are different sizes, heights and diameters available.

ELPAC rivets are a series of different mounting solutions including  expansion rivets, blind rivets and rivets with plastic snap fastening.

PCB mounting solutions also include vertical and horizontal PCB guides in pluggable and self-adhesive configurations with different wall heights.

Megatron also offers a full range of reliable component holders required for secure hold and protection of units against external influences. This subsection includes sockets and covers for circuit breakers, insulation washers, quartz holders, capacitors and transistor holders.

Along with the above mentioned parts, Megatron also supplies all necessary plastic screws, plastic nuts and plastic washers applied for circuit boards construction.


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