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Frameless resolvers

Frameless resolvers required for applications where you need to have an absolute signal. For instance it can be used with brushless motors, robotics, servo motors, rotary platforms etc. The main advantage of the frameless motor resolvers is their capability to operate in high temperature conditions, under dust contamination, vibration and shocks influence. Optionally you can have more protection from radiation and magnetic induction flux. Each resolver consists of a cylindrical stator and rotor. In case of frameless setup both parts are housed inside the base unit, it can be a motor or a drive unit. Usually used in aerospace, defense, medical equipment and heavy industry applications. As there are no electronics on-board, apparatus of this kind can survive many extreme conditions and have tolerance to external influence. There are different sizes available from 1” to 55”. HaroMax series resolvers for brushless motors are available in the range of 1.5”-2.1” and provide higher accuracy up to 5 minutes of arc. Harowe Systems is a world leading supplier of high quality everlasting resolvers. Harowe is a part of the Dynapar group.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty