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Frost protection thermostat

Frost protection thermostat

Jumo frost protection thermostats can be used in ventilation and air-conditioning units for monitoring of temperature. The main purpose of this apparatus is damage prevention caused by freezing. These are high quality devices with a small differential gap and good repeatability. Reset is possible to be done automatically (STW) or manually (STB). Following functions are available with frost protection thermostats: fan stop, window-box damper close, heating valve opening, heating pump start, chiller switch off, frost alarm activation.  The working medium is air.

Jumo frostTHERM-AT/-DR series  capable of applying as a safety temperature monitor or limiter. It is equipped with a microswitch with snap-action switch system. Push-in clamps allow you to ease the installation process. This unit can be installed on a wall, on the DIN-rail or as pipe-mounted thermostat. This is low-maintenance electromechanical ware requiring no auxiliary energy.  

Jumo frostTHERM-ATE model has a 250mm long probe, that detects the lowest temperature over its whole length. Working range is 0 to +15 °C, setting range 1 to +10 °C. This model is applied for switching off ventilators, opening heating valves and closing air flaps. Operating mode: manual or automatic. The protection class corresponds to  EN 60529 and  IP42 requirements.


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