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Gear motors

Gear motors

Kollmorgen AKM washdown and food grade gearmotors are applied for transportation and rotation applications in the food, beverage and packaging fields of application. These gearmotors represent a combination of AKM-series hygienic servo motors with Kollmorgen standard gearheads. Finally you get a complete ready-to-install unit with hygienic design. All items are easy to clean due to special water-repellant coating. Highly efficient gearheads and motors are reliable and energy saving. They are compact but still powerful. Space saving design allows to incorporate such units into various installations. Confined spaces are not a problem for them.

AKM6 Washdown Food gearmotors are made with FDA-approved materials and meet the highest hygiene standards. Rounded housing design allows to avoid any undesirable contamination and reduces cleaning time. 

AKM62L-F2CS-A35-59 Washdown version gearmotors are developed for packaging applications. These units are very efficient and do not require high energy expense thanks to use of high quality components. Special washdown coating allows to avoid contamination and to extend cleaning intervals. AKM41E-BF06 gearmotors are also applied for packaging.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty