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Hall effect position sensors

Hall-effect linear sensors (LHK series) usually applied for detection of small and dynamic motions.  There are no wearing surfaces in such an arrangement that guarantees long service life and stable performance for a long time without the need for extensive maintenance. This kind of sensor is usually applied for automatically regulated systems. Effective stroke length of  the unit is 30 mm (+/-0.5mm). Maximum operational speed is 1.76 m/s. Standard working temperature range is -40…+105°C. However you can order a customized version that is capable of working in more severe temperature conditions. This apparatus is capable of working in high vibration conditions up to 20g. Optionally there is a spring return capability, by default there is no spring. The main unit housing material is special plastic with stainless steel shaft.

Megatron is a supplier of high quality measurement, control and actuation products. The company produces sensors, precision resistors and electromechanical components. Megatron joysticks are a very popular solution for industrial and medical applications. Majority of devices are manufactured in Germany from the best materials and with components from proven subcontractors.


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