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Hall-effect singleturn rotary encoder

Megatron hall effect contactless encoders are able to detect up to 360 degrees angles, that is why this subtype is called a single-turn encoder.  The Hall effect principle allows to make measurements without physical contact. Consequently there are no wearing parts in such units resulting in long operational life. Modern hall transducers are resistant to any external magnetic fields as well to temperature fluctuations.

ET-series hall effect angle encoders have different setups and in that respect are suitable for a big variety of applications, even can be suited to custom solutions. EN-series are compact sensors with flange mount, have connection to flat ribbon cables (IDC-connectors) that allows to minimize installation costs in some setups. MAB-series are absolute encoders providing analog output signals. MP-series are magnetic rotary encoders. MIB-series are incremental absolute encoders with ball bearings.

The Hall sensor principle ensures steady and consistent measurements. This type of encoders has a wide range of combinations and can be aligned with diverse interfaces opening the way for numerous engagements. Some models have additional integral adjustments that provide an opportunity to make additional setup directly on site. 


Key features
— one-day offer
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— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty