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Hazardous area encoders

Hazardous area encoders

These encoders comply with ATEX directives for equipment intended for use in explosive environments, for instance within highly inflammable liquids, vapors, combustible dusts and gases. Dynapar provides encoders authorized by UL, ATEX, IECEx and CSA certification organizations.

UL Class I Division 1 area Encoders:

-       ISD25 and ISD37 incremental optical models also provide shock and vibration tolerance, the sealing corresponds to IP67 protection standard, and can be equipped with an intrinsic safety barrier.

-       ISW38 is a special model for draw-works. Temperature range for operation is -40 to 80 C

-       HD20 and HD25 compact devices for hazardous duty conditions. Meet NEMA 6 waterproof and corrosion resistant enclosure requirements.

-       X25 encoder with explosion-proof design in cast aluminum body with substantial sealing. Applicable scope is coal mining, chemicals, oil and gas, ethanol plants.


ATEX certified Zone 1 solutions:

-       AX70/AX71 optical absolute explosion and flame proof encoders  able to work BiSS, SSI, PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, CANOpen and CANLayer2 interfaces

-       AX65 provides high level of corrosion resistance

-       EN44 Zone 1 Hub-shaft encoder with isolated coupling that compensates shaft backlash.

-       EN42 Zone 1 Hollow shaft encoder. There is no need to add intrinsic safety barriers.


UL Class I Division 2 area Encoders:

-       HSD35 vector motor encoder

-       AI25 


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