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Hollow-shaft encoders

Hollow-shaft encoders

Dynapar hollow-shaft encoders are used for positioning and motor speed feedback applications. A hollow shaft design offers several benefits. It is easier to install and to position, thereunder it requires easier alignment. Hereto you get more resistance to vibration and shocks. It is ideal for severe operating conditions application as it can keep consistent performance in different complicated conditions. All items comply with high protection classes, up to IP67 for some models.

Dynapar incremental hollow-shaft encoders can be optical or magnetic. There are 75 different models of such units distinguished by type of sensing unit, maximum resolution, shaft dimensions, body material and size.  Usually applied for industrial automation systems, highway vehicles, oil and gas extraction and other industries where you need a precise rotary encoder able to work in harsh environments.

Dynapar absolute encoders are capable of providing a continuous signal with information about speed and shaft position. They are more accurate, provide higher resolution, give better results at the start. They also can be optical or magnetic types.  Dynapar offers only one model of absolute hollow-shaft encoder – AD36. This is a compact solution with an optical sensing unit used for industrial automation purposes and servo motors.


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