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Hub-shaft encoders

Hub-shaft encoders

Dynapar hub-shaft rotary encoders offer the same principle of operation as hollow-shaft ones, but they allow use of a shorter shaft as it is installed directly to a shaft. It is more compact.

AG25 incremental encoder is a special model for agricultural, forest, mining machines and other equipment with OHV engines. E14 is a light and compact solution for automation equipment and medical imaging machines. EN44 Zone 1 encoder is an encapsulated unit for special applications. H20HS is an affordable choice, usually utilized with packaging equipment, winches and slitting machines. HSD25 compact optical sensor for severe operating conditions with IP67 protection, with additional sealing and robust housing. HSD44 comes along and is used for bigger applications such as heavy rail, electric vehicles, heavy duty cranes, mining transport and heavy conveyors. ISD25 is an intrinsically safe encoder capable of different hazardous conditions, it is also equipped with oversized bearings and additional seals, usually applied in the oil & gas industry. RR25 Rotary speed sensor ready to work in wet and dirty conditions, it is rustproof and has advanced sealing for internal parts, specially designed for the Ag industry, as well it is suitable for construction and highway equipment.

Absolute hub-shaft encoders are represented with AD35, AD36 and AI35 Series models. These units are used where you need high accuracy and fast feedback. 


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