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Jumo digital indicators are configurable and universal and can be supplied in various DIN-versions. Jumo diraVIEW-Series consists of five models that are capable of displaying the temperature, pressure and other useful variables. They are simple and reliable. Following basic functions are available: min/max value function, a hold function, a taring function, limit value monitoring functions, digital control signals, timer functions, and a service counter. 18-segment LCD display provides comfortable and clear viewing. These units are additionally equipped with membrane keyboards for onsite configuration.

Jumo di 308 digital indicator can be applied for temperature, pressure and other values indication. Display text can be configured via the PC interface of onboard keys.

Di Eco is a simple 3-figure digital indicator that can be used in conjunction with thermocouples, probes, current/voltage signals.

TDA-300 and TDA-3000 are portable units for temperature display. The signal is taken form thermocouples or RTD temperature probes. The measurements can be taken  on surfaces, in liquids, in melts, and in plastic materials.

902722 Jumo Precision indicating device is applied for temperature monitoring in industrial applications. This high precision device is calibrated according to DAkkS (DKD – German calibration service) requirements.

The product line of Jumo electromechanical indicators includes various dial thermometers with capillary or bimetal measuring systems.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty