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Industrial gearmotors



Industrial Gearmotors

Bonfiglioli has been producing industrial equipment for years. The entire gear motor collection can be viewed in the gear motor handbook that you can download in pdf. This also includes cad drawings for each product. 

Whether you are looking for an inline gear motor, helical gear motor, or a worm gear motor then Bonfiglioli industrial gear motors will have just the right product for you. Experts have been impressed with the Right-angle gear product specifications recently thanks to the unique construction methods and materials that are used in this device. These are capable of working in any gearing system that has the transmission line situated at a 90° angle. They are capable of running without any significant maintenance for extended periods of time. 

No matter what kind of project you are working on you should be able to find just the right product for you thanks to the wide selection of gear ratios and shaft arrangements that you can choose in the product line. This means that the wise consumer will be able to study the project that they are currently working on and then go to the catalog and easily find exactly what they will need to complete the rest of their work without any hassle.



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— manufacturer warranty