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Industrial heavy-duty geared products


Industrial Heavy-Duty Geared Products

Industrial automation and processes require gears specifically designed for high torque, extreme use conditions, solidity, and reliability. Well, Industrial Heavy-Duty Geared products such as the planetary geared units come with complete modularity, high torque density, and wide configuration possibilities for heavy-duty industrial applications.

We are the official supplier of Industrial Heavy-Duty Geared products, such as Bonfiglioli's 300M Series and Helical Parallel Shaft, highly customizable for a wide range of applications. With several outputs, the planetary gearbox and parallel shaft gear motors achieve high flexibility without any downtimes, even in the harshest of work conditions. Our catalogue also includes right-angle gear motors such as Bonfiglioli's HDx units, ideal for explosive atmospheres. They are low maintenance and highly reliable, ideal for most mechatronics applications.

Bonfiglioli 3/H is the helical bevel heavy-duty unit that combines high speed of operation, robustness, and compactness. Other available products include Bonfiglioli 3/A with compact space and greater power transmission. For intermittent duty applications, Bonfiglioli 3/V heavy-duty gear units utilize worm technology for cost-effectiveness and high gear ratio. Greater modularity makes it highly customizable for a range of applications. A gearbox configurator, manuals and our price list will help you make better choices. General purchase condition benefits include fast delivery opportunities with the means of transport that we deem most appropriate. Bonfiglioli is a brand that is always worth the investment. Our products come with a one-year warranty from the date of delivery.



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