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Label sensors


There are three main types of Di-Soric label sensors available: optical, capacitive and ultrasonic label sensors.

A distinctive feature of the optical sensing units is their ability to operate at high speed (up to 500m/min) thanks to high switch frequency, high speed of response and high-resolution capability. These units are able to work with metal-coated and paper labels, as well with various label thickness thanks to large fork clearance. Up to 100m fork depth available.  Plug-and-play setup with an easy to use learning program with auto-teach mode ensures easier handling for quick and easy start. Some models can store up to 63 different labels in memory.

Di-Soric capacitive label sensors units are an excellent choice for Detection of very thin, as well transparent, foil and paper labels. These apps provide a sustainable performance at high speeds. Easy setup, fast launch along with a self-learning system makes this series more advantageous and user-friendly.

Ultrasonic sensors allow you to work actually with any type of label material. IO-Link features wide adjustment and diagnostics options. Rapid start-up time and high reproducibility. Equipped with digital display for onboard adjustments.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty