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Laser distance sensors


Di-Soric laser distance sensors sets required for accurate hi-resolution measurements in different applications. You can measure or monitor distances, lengths, get location data and control fill levels if required.

LAT-51 model can measure distance regardless of its surface quality. You get an analog signal ath the output.

With LAT-61 you get high resolution using a small beam. Following its compact design you can mount it on movable machine parts. Additionally this app is equipped with a special digital display so you can align the unit in any place.

LHT 9-45 is based on light propagation principle and provides high reproducibility and precision. These elements are usually in use for set-in of floor-type conveyors in high-bay warehouses, as well for fail-safety on high speed railways.

LAT-52/LVHT-52 with i/o-link is a series of high precision laser distance sensors for a wide range of applications. You get three different measuring ranges namely high-resolution, short distance and universal models. Thanks to a small blind range you can install it within cramped space. There are three modes and additional filters so you can customize it as you wish.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty