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Line inspection devices

Line inspection devices

Pilz Line Inspection devices are used for smooth and seamless power-up of two-wire connections. Usually applied on long cable routes. Also these devices make it impossible to get unintended power-up of the equipment in case of any failure. This kind  of inspection device is often used on the plants where main production units are located far from each other and not visible. Can be used with cables up to 3000 meters length. This is a standard DIN-rack unit that doesn’t require special installation requirements and can be looped into any existing wire network so it allows to minimize the costs and avoid any long downtime. This kind of equipment can be found in the following fields of application: cable cars and lifting arrangements, conveyor systems, tunnel building equipment, pressing units, recreational facilities, trail ropes.

PLIDdys (PLID d1 and PLID dC) conversion modules are capable of cables up to 1,50 mm² and 220 Ohm resistance. D1 with screw terminal and dC with spring loaded terminal. IP40 protection level.

PNOZelog standalone safety relay can be used for E-stop tracking, limit switch and light beam device monitoring. Screw type terminals.


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