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Machine vision lights


In addition to industrial sensors, Di-Soric produces a big variety of industrial efficient lighting solutions. Such as:

-       Spot lights, radial or axial. Usually used with inspection systems. Can work with matt and non-reflective objects. Despite a compact setup capable of making a good amount of light. You can get various optics, light colors, mounting types as an option.

-       Backlights are applied for quality inspection of objects as a background. Fully adjustable, high protection class, can be customized.

-       High-power barlights that meet the IP69k safety requirements can be used for a big variety of applications in combination with vision and identification systems. Different colors of light, mounting options are available.

-       Ring lights are a great solution when you need an even direct light without any shadow.

-       Dark field lights are intended for backlighting of edges so you can catch any discrepancy

-       Stainless steel lights – special setup for Commercial food and pharmacy production facilities.

-       Industrial UV-lights are mostly intended for precise surface examination. So you can catch any small defects, undesirable dust and special marks only visible with UV lights. Robust body for industrial application.

-       Coaxial lights when you need to deal with specular surfaces.

-       Dome Lights provide uniform and powerful. Best lighting solution when you need a compact lighting source for your industrial camera.

-       LED-flash controllers with precise current regulation capable of carrying high loads.

Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty