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Magnetic rotary encoders

Magnetic rotary encoders is the second major category of encoders along with optical encoders. The main principle of such measuring units is detection of changes in magnetic field. A magnetically charged disk or wheel rotates over a unit with magneto-resistive sensing apps. As it spins, it generates signals in the sensing unit.

Such kind of encoders usually applied for harsh conditions, where you can face high level of contamination, high or low temperature levels, vibrations and shocks etc. Magnetic rotary encoders provide stable results despite of such circumstances. As well there is another advantage: there are no rotating parts in such apps so you don’t have to handle with bearings, shafts and other wearing parts, so finally you’ve get longer operating lifetime.

Dynapar represents  24 models of incremental magnetic encoders, and one absolute magnetic encoder. Incremental sensing units provide instantaneous position data and usually applied when you need to measure a relative movement. Absolute encoders measure the exact position. If you are not sure which model suits you, you can apply for a customized solution. Most popular models are:

-   RIM Tach NexGen RT8 – used for AC/DC motors and drive systems woring with high velocity.

-   AR62/AR63 absolute encoder used for a big variety of applications, very robust and and can be customized up to IP69K protection level.

-   SLIM Tach NexGen ST56 usually applied in such complicated environments as paper,  pulp and steel processing zones.

Key features
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— personal manager
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