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Manipulator modules prbt – for flexible use

Manipulator modules prbt – for flexible use

Pilz PRBT manipulator module is an individual and flexible solution for different applications. It is equal to industrial and non-industrial range of use. This unit can be particularly integrated with the operating and control model. As well is it easily matching with units and interfaces of other suppliers.

PRBT manipulator is a compact 6-axis robot arm module with low weight – only 19 kg and high capacity of 6 kg. Its operating range is up to 741 mm, repetition capacity is 0.2mm. By virtue of 24 v DC drive it can be applied in mobile applications. There are STO (safe torque off) and SBC (safe brake control) functions in order to ensure safety and normal operation of the installation.

With the ROS software package it can be easily integrated into any new or existing system. ROS module has a modular interface and provides an opportunity to make easy programming of the unit without needing special programming tools.

In order to provide smooth and safe human-robot cooperation you can use Pilz Robot Measurement System (PRMS). This set allows to control the force and pressure measurement for proper human-robot collaboration.  


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty