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Measuring cells

Measuring cells

Pressure measuring data is one of the key parts for many successful automated facilities. Pressure values can be used by various applications and this is essential to have reliable and accurate figures. Also it is critical to utilize robust and durable units for such applications, capable of staying operational in harsh environments. Jumo pressure measuring cells is a great choice for OEM solutions.

Type 40.4410 cells are compact but robust high-precision sensors. Each device is made of high quality stainless steel. The piezoresistive measuring technology is employed with DMS silicon semiconductor as a main sensing unit. With a measuring from 0…350 mbar to 0…100 bar you can be sure that it is suitable for a big variety of application fields.

Jumo CEROS S01M is a digital pressure measuring cell with range from 100 mbar to 100 bar. This unit is applied for measurements in liquids and gases. The piezoresistive sensing element provides clear and precise values even under adverse conditions. Sensing parts are hermetically encapsulated. This model can be used for valve blocks, pumps and other compact units, as well for hygienic applications.


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