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Measuring wheels


Measuring wheels for Dynapar encoders made of special materials in order to suit different applications. In order to avoid any signal distortion you have to take into account slip characteristics of the material. For this purpose give consideration to structure, elasticity, thickness and resistance of the measured material. Also slip can be caused in case of the wrong width of the measuring wheel.

Phenolic wheels with 1/2” or 3/8” shaft bore and white rubber for 3/8” bore for objects with normal slip characteristics. Able to work in a wide range of temperatures: from -30 to +140C for phenolic and -30 to +70C for white rubber ones. High slip surfaces require special solutions with dual O-rings that shall be applied with pressure. Suitable for Series 60 Rotopulser incremental optical encoders.

Measuring wheels are usually coupled with rotary encoders and measure direct linear motion. Required for recording of linear movements that shall be converted with an encoder into speed, position and other motion data. Different wheel materials for different surfaces. You can apply to our specialist in order to choose the proper item for your certain application.


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