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Jumo eTRON digital electronic microstat units are applied for temperature control in heating and cooling systems. These devices can be equipped with different models of Jumo probes and thermocouples. Each arrangement has a three digit display that indicates actual values. There are four buttons for current operational control. Four yellow LEDs are used for current status indication. Connection with external electrical units is carried out via screw terminals located on the housing. Setup can be performed via PC interface.

Jumo eTRON M electronic thermostat can be applied for heating or cooling operation and limit value control. There is an integrated defrosting function. Areas of application: refrigerators, cold stores, deep fryers, hotplates.

Jumo eTRON M100 cooling controller was developed specially for application in cold stores, display refrigerators, refrigerating counters. This model is used in conjunction with Jumo  RTD temperature probes Pt100, Pt1000, KTY1X-6, or KTY2X-6. There are two measuring inputs, first for detection of the cold store temperature, and the second one is for evaporator temperature detection. This unit terminates defrosting process as soon as the defrosting limit value is approached.

Jumo eTRON M100 2-channel microstat is an universal device with two measuring inputs.


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