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Miniature encoders

Miniature encoders

Incremental and absolute miniature encoders are ideal for scrupulous effective motion control in units that are too small to deal with regular sensors. Such arrangements are usually utilized for such areas of application: robotics, medical equipment, computer peripherals, printing and copy machines, small brush motors, compact servo and stepper motors, compact automation solutions. There are 12 models of incremental shaft encoders and four absolute encoders. Following models are in particular:


-          E12 ultra compact optical unit for commercial and low-duty applications.

-          E14 hub-shaft encoder is equipped with flex tether for easy mounting.

-          E14IC light incremental encoder  with integrated coupling for NEMA Size 23 and 24 stepper motors.

-          E9 and M9– 0.9” diameter super compact setup. For instance E9 can be applied for camera gimbals.  

-          F10 and F15 digital encoders for servo drives

-          F14 and F18 tiny hollow shaft incremental encoders with flex tether for servo and stepper motors

-          M15 modular encoder with plastic body. For instance, it can be applied for CNC machine spindles.

-          M602/M832 are OEM setups for AVAGO and US Digital arrangements.



-     AC36 works with a high speed serial protocol encoder SSI/BISS. Used in aerospace and military industries.

-          AD34 for brushless DC-servomotors. Easy to install.

-         AD35  with extraordinary minor installation depth with up to 10000 RPM maximum operating speed

-          AD36 hollow and hub-shaft encoder for brushless DC servo drives.

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