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Monitor limiter

Safety temperature limiters and monitors (STB/STW SafetyM series) are designed for initial and never failing detection of risks and switching the units to safety operation mode in order to avoid any hazards to personnel, equipment, environment and materials. The analog signal can be processed and recorded with different sensing equipment. STB/STW series is used for fuse protection within burner control, control of heating elements, heat transfer oil systems, boiler plants and for level monitoring. These models are consistent with DIN EN 14597 (701150) requirements.

STB/STM Ex with ATEX approval is an ignition source monitoring system that restricts power consumption in the event of inadvertent operation. This system can be used with painting and drying facilities, biogas plants, fuse protection for saw dust silos, with storages of any flaming stuff, gases, vapors etc.

Jumo safetyM TB/TW series is a programmable universal temperature limiter and monitor. Its input can be configured to different models of temperature probes, thermocouples, current and voltage signals. It is usually used for safety protection of burner control, heating elements monitoring, protection of heat carrier oil and boiler systems.

Jumo frostTHERM-ATE used with air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers and registers for protection against frost damage and freezing.


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