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Monitoring relays

Monitoring relays

Pilz Monitoring Relays are applied for protection of equipment and personnel from negative consequences of insulation failures, residual voltages, voltage kicks and overcurrents, cable overheating. Along with that monitoring relays can be used for monitoring of standstill and effective output. In general these relays are universal and can cover different functions simultaneously. These units correspond to the requirements of  IEC 60204-1 “Safety of machinery” standard.

PMDsigma units are applied as insulation monitors of ungrounded circuits. Essentially the collected data can help to evaluate other values such as filling levels, torque, air pressure, volumes etc. These devices have a standard design for installation into DIN racks. In general PMDsigma electronic monitoring relays are very comfortable in use. It is easy to install and setup. There is a display on-board so it can be easily set and controlled. Additionally there are LEDs for immediate diagnostics. Examples of application: load control, wear detection and maintenance of drives and motors, dry running check of pumps, brush pressure control for car wash.

Pilz PMDsrange  monitoring relay controls voltage, phase sequence, current, insulation, temperature voltage faults and true power. Compact solution with easy setup.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty