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Non contact encoders

Non contact encoders

Non-contact magnetic encoders and rotary sensors have no moving and wearing parts. So it means you don’t have to service any bearings or sealing, don’t have to deal with coupling alignment. As well they are compact and correspond to the IP67 protection class. Capable to work within wide temperature range from -25 C up to 70 C, under high moisture, vibration and shock conditions. Only for non-hazardous environments. Very good seals with additionally encapsulated electronics. Used for construction, forestry, agriculture, food and beverage production.

-       HDP30 incremental sensor, 30mm diameter, with additional LED indicator. Used for spreaders, augers, conveyor lifts, articulation arms, crane arms etc.

-   HDP18 is an incredibly compact solution for factory automation and off highway vehicles.

-       HDN58 with a wide sensing surface allows it to work with misalignment.

If you feel you haven’t found the solution absolutely suitable for your application you can pass your details to our managers in order to take up a suitable setup for you. 


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