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Onsite analysis tools


Dynapar OnSite Vibration Analysis Tools is a software part of the Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system. The main purpose of the system is to track power plants' condition and to collect vibration sensors data into a single interface. This package allows to prevent equipment failures and to provide efficient scheduling of maintenance and repair procedures. The main unit of the complex is located onsite and consists of 4 Dynapar vibration and temperature sensors inlined with a data processing hub that transfers collected data to the cloud based servers via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Also there is an option to connect speed input devices via separate input so it is possible to add a rotary encoder, laser tach or proximity switch and to start gathering additional speed data and store it to the cloud.

         Analytical tools can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The software package includes online overall dashboards, RMS trend view tools, waterfall plots, time waveforms with measurement cursors and FFT plots with sideband and harmonic cursors. Users of the system are able to configure different alarms and notifications. These templates can be copied and then used with other units. Stored cloud-based data can be accessed online by any member of your team so you are able to assess the critical data about your equipment and make right and prompt decisions.

Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty