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Optical encoders manual

Megatron panel encoders are industrial level input units that represent not only reliable operating elements, but also provide high-quality haptic impression for a proper turning inhibition for each application and adjustable torque in order to prevent unexpected false triggering. Detents help to make adjustments more precise and responsive.  Megatron optical manual encoders transmit a signal in a form of pulses. The main sensing element of such encoders is an optoelectronic sensor. Optical manual encoders usually used in human-machine interfaces for precise determination of set points.

MRB-Series encoders provide a wide variety of detent torques, as well different push button characteristics, usually applied for low-power consumption setups, for instance, battery powered units. Available detents: 0 (without mechanical detent), 16 and 25. MRS-Series is a robust and compact solution with IP65 protection rate, 3 mechanical detents available – 16, 24 and 32 (4,6 and 8 clicks per revolution) as well two detent torque levels. Optionally you can have a push button option. This model has a great variety of available connections. The MRT model has only one mechanical detent of 25 ppr, but it can be configured with a push button that has the longest travel path. Megatron MRX25/50 panel encoders are precision and robust optical encoders with optional push button function and 25 detents and correspond to IP65 protection level requirements. MRL-Series is an affordable model with a plastic shaft and 20 or 25 detents. M101 is a compact incremental encoder that provides resolution from 20 to 128 ppr, high quality unit for an affordable price. SPM and SPN precise manual encoders with increased torque for hard conditions. MHU and MHO  represent a family of high quality handwheel encoders with outstanding characteristics that provide very precise set point determination.


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