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Optoelectronic sensors

Optoelectronic sensors

Pilz Optoelectronic sensors are usually applied in the areas where there is an active intervention within the process of production. This kind of device is proposed with PSENopt light barriers and PSENscan safety laser scan.

PSENopt light curtains are used in processes where operator intervention is a part of each cycle. Protected fields can be set up. There are different versions of protection for finger, hand and body, lengths from 15 cm to 180 cm. Also there are advanced models with additional functions such as muting, blanking and cascading. PSENopt slim version is suitable for restricted-space areas. 

PSENopt II safety light curtain is a second generation mostly suitable for harsh industrial conditions. PSENopt II protective column is a free standing installation that works as a light curtain and protects against damage and collisions.

PSENscan safety laser scanner provides two-dimensional area monitoring within 5.5 meters range and 275 degrees of opening angle. There is an operator’s display on board. The unit corresponds to IP65 protection requirements. Fields of application: packaging, automotive industry, steel works, robotics.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty